Dark places and hot spots

Friday, I went with my mom, Terry, and Elaine (my mom's friend from CA) to Inner Space Caverns. It's a perfect touristy destination and particularly a good idea when it's as hot as the fucking face of the sun like it has been here the past few days.

My SUV was loaded with two coolers of water bottles and snacks for the 60 mile round trip excursion and I had a change of clothes for Hollis in case he finally decided to poop. (As a side note, we'd been having a Mexican Stand Off of sorts and the poor little fella hadn't pooped in almost 48 hours. - You can see where I'm going with this, but it's not quite what you may think.)

I'd also thought ahead and brought my ErgoBaby so I could haul Hollis around on my back during the cave tour. I was soooo proud of myself for thinking of this brilliant Mommy move, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

Anyhow, we, and 20 other people, pack into a little trolley that takes us down to the mouth of the cave. Hollis is all up on Grandma and Grandpa and shrieks whenever I touch him. He wants nothing to do with ol' Mama. I'm thinking the ErgoBaby thing might not be a go, but I figure to push past it and exert my Mommy dominance. We load him up and I exit the trolley and walk about 25 feet then feel a hot sensation on my lower back. Hollis' diaper had leaked and he was blissfully emptying his bladder on me... and we were only minutes into the tour.

Oh well, I think, I'll just suck it up and keep going. At least he's happy now.

Well... NO. Not even close. He kept whimpering for Maa-Maa (Grandma) and leaning over to her out of his carrier trappings. He was beginning to disrupt the entire tour, and I had forgotten his paci, so we had no choice but to hand him over to mom, soaked britches and all, just so he'd be quiet.

Mom carried him the ENTIRE HOUR LONG TOUR, her shirt soaked entirely of pee. Hollis wouldn't go to Papa, he wouldn't go to me, and he refused to walk until we were on our way out, and even then he'd demand a lift up from, you guessed it, only Grandma.

Mom decided that there are definitely some drawbacks to being his favorite of the moment.

I'd have to definitely second that.

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  1. I saw your comment on Scary Mommy's blog. This story is hilarious! I don't have any kids, much to my Mom's dismay. I think I'll send her this story so she knows what she's 'missing'. LOL!