Where, oh where did my pacifier go?

If you decide to let your kids have a paci (a.k.a. plug, soother, boopy, doopy, lolli, and what have you) you will soon learn that they are a mysterious, wily lot. They don't like to be constrained to a certain area, preferring to roam free in search of dust bunnies and dirt in the most remote corners of your car, purse, house, and - really - universe.

Enter a pacifier attacher! It comes in a plethora of sizes, colors, and styles and with all the accompanying prices.

I have used just your basic Target option, but have always coveted more stylish versions, like these.

I have a paci-on-a-leash in the car and one in my purse. They have been life savers when I've been out and about with Hollis since he LOVES to toss things over the edge of his car seat and stroller (as all toddlers do). It's also great on a plane because I don't have to dig around for a paci in that tight-ass constrained space.

PS: While you're here, please sign this petition for toxic-free baby bottles.


  1. I could not have survived these last 3 and a half years without our pacify attachers! Ours are just regular blue in colour, though. Nothing as nice as the ones you showed! But still.. they do their job!

  2. Are these ones cute? http://www.heimess.com/en/produkte3_1_1_en.htm

    All the cute baby stuff seems to come from Germany... Haba has some super cute paci clips too.

  3. My daughter's pacifier attacher is flesh-coloured and ergonomically shaped...it's her thumb! She started sucking it when she was just over two months old and hasn't stopped since (but only when she's tired or really upset, not all day long or anything). I have to say, I'm relieved that it can never be lost as I've seen some of my friends in their desperate 'search for the paci' game and it does NOT look fun. Attaching is the way to go, I'd say.

  4. I love the "surfer girl" one. Something about a knotted hemp friendship-bracelet-style paci lasso is too funny to me!

    I still haven't found one that works well with Soothie pacifiers (the only paci Westley will even think about taking). I just keep eleventy-skillion pacis in the apartment/bag/car, and hope I can find ONE when I need it!