What's in a diaper bag?

Their product blurb says it all:
…smart, that sums it up. You’re smart so your bag should be too…friendly pockets make it easy to tote along the stuff…and anti-microbial linings let you worry about having fun, not fighting germs…colorful linings make it even more like you…a surprise on the inside

My sister actually shelled out the $130 for this bag at Nordy's (thanks, Sissy Poo!). I'm not sure if I would have ponied up like that, but boy am I glad my sister did. This bag rocks. After a year and a half it still looks good as new (no dirt, no fraying, no slouching, the straps are firmly attached).

I highly recommend it!

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  1. Looks like (and sounds like) a great diaper bag! Nice gift from your sis!