The perk of having friends

We all know that friends are spectacular people and necessary for emotional happiness, but did you know that friends are also great for getting you to clean your house?

Yep. I don't care how good a friend it is, I'm gonna pick up the rooms they'll be in and clean the bathroom they'll be using. I am willing to do whatever it takes to provide a clean, pleasant space to chill in, even if that means piling my bed with crap and shutting the door. And locking it.

Before MK came over last night:

And after.

I understand that it might not look all that different to the untrained eye - sniff - but it's much different. Things are straightened, tidied, cleansed, and "righted." I've been pretty relaxed about clutter and cleaning while Anthony's been gone. I'm usually a Clutter Nazi when he's around because he's the I'll-put-it-*HERE*THERE*EVERYWHERE*-type of guy - don't even get me started on "his" garage (love you, hoobie!).

Anyway, after thinking about how much I love my friends and all they do for me, they also give me a clean house. How great is that?? Friends are the best.

And she sits back in her nice and tidy house and exhales...


  1. Your house looks very neat and tidy! Good job - and it's so true - a visit means having to clean, even if it wasn't something you were planning on doing!

  2. That's excellent!! And by the way -- your new banner pic: fantastic!

  3. I absolutely agree with this! And I love your before & after pictures! This was great!
    Kelly :)

  4. I absolutely agree with this, and I love your before & after pics... :)

  5. I'm sorry... I posted a couple of times. Forgive me :)

  6. Hi, over from Cave Mother.

    Sorry, but this is one of the worst before & after I have ever seen.
    If you called that messy, you ain't seen nuthin' sister! lol

  7. Haha! Touché, Mon! I did say "to the untrained eye"! Haha - what can I say? One woman's mess is another woman's heaven, eh? Hehehe