Menu Plan: Week of May 11th

This week I have $100 left for groceries, which works out well since I accidentally spent last week's budget on some of this week's food. Yeah, I do that kind of thing sometimes.

If I haven't said it before, I gotta say the $200 a week for food and necessities is working out pretty well. Makes me feel a whole lot more in control, anyway. And that's what we're always striving for: control, control, control!

Mon: Boxed deener - Anthony's seeing Star Trek again with Terry
Tues: Chipotle pork tacos
Weds: Pork and mango lettuce wraps for a late Mother's Day/early birthday dinner with GF carrot cake
Thurs: Baked sea scallops
Fri: E/O
Sat: Artichokes with two sauces, cocktail shrimp, and pasta with lemon sauce
Sun: Lemon-rosemary crusted roasted chicken

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