I got this in an email from a good friend wanting my thoughts on it. Honestly, I'm speechless. I see the raucous humor, but I'm also scandalized. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, but this makes me shake my head.

From what I can tell this is a real commercial made for a company called Wilkinson Sword. Apparently they've been around for 100 years. Personally, I've never heard of them before. Anthony says his family had a knife made by them.

The email text only said:

who can spot the racist and sexist elements first?

Indeed. I invite you all to do the same.

But then... enter the male voice in my household. He asks me how this is so different from the Philip's Body Groom song?

Here it is.

I find it hilariously funny. But I am put off by the whole concept that we must be hairless to be attractive and I think it's unfair to vilify hairy dudes. Do I find it so funny because it's a man and they're historically in a position of power? That they have more of a choice in the matter? Is that the difference here?

Why do I feel like a traitor for laughing at the second video? Why do I become so overwhelmed with sadness when I see the first? Why is it all so complicated?


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  2. You feel that way because if a man chooses not to groom, no one cares. If we choose not to groom, we're lesbians, ugly, undesirable, manly, etc. If we could make the choice and not be judged, just like men, the videos would hit you similarly. Honestly, if I did all the things necessary for society to judge me as attractive, I wouldn't have time for work.

  3. Speechless is such a good title for the post because that's exactly the word I'd use. I'm speechless that anybody has "gone there" in both instances, but I find them both equally hilarious. I might even find the first one slightly more funny. BUT, in contrast to "M" I expect men to groom. In particular, I expect my man to be groomed to the same level he expects of me. Always have. So in this case there seems to be a correlation.

    Ladies, tell your men that trimming their own hedge has an 'enhancing' effect. It's true, and provides good motivation for them.

  4. So what about ads for lipstick? Hair color? Viagra? Nose hair trimmers? Products that make your feminine parts smell pretty? All of those products basically say that you are a better person for using them. What makes this razor ad any worse than the Venus ones? They both suggest the same thing--that their product will make you more attractive. Why do you need to be anything other than who you were when you rolled out of bed? I agree that it's a dilemma.

    As a side note, the version you're showing is the UK version and I understand that there's a "toned down Americanized" version. It's a different culture about a lot of things. Over here, they can't show the Mac vs. PC ads on television. Go figure. :)

    ... and Wilkinson is the same company as Schick, by the way. They make razors, knives and other sharp things.