Really: Oh, crap

(This should have benn under that picture of Hollis.)

I don't know how it happened, but big, fat wires were crossed and I'm at the Phoenix airport 3 HOURS before my sister arrives. And I'm stuck here because the rental car is in her name.

I wanted to cry when she called me from San Francisco and I was already "waiting" for her down in baggage claim with a precocious toddler who hadn't napped.

I was starving - ate a burger.
I was grumpy -drank some wine.

Hollis STILL hasn't napped, but seems to he in good enough spirits. He scarfed down some fries and he's been a shameless flirt with anyone who'll give him the time of day.

Thank God I'm not pregnant. This glass of wine saved the frickin' day. I no longer feel like crying.

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