Menu Plan: Week of April 20th

With Anthony outta town there is NO way I'm cooking this week. I stocked up on a ton of frozen dinners yesterday.

And you know what's really funny? I think I've already spent $150 on groceries. Of course, "groceries" this week included diapers and shampoo and what not, so that sorta blows shit outta hand. I also bought two bags of kitty kibble. The first bag, one they've eaten in the past, wasn't up to snuff. They refused to eat it. So I caved and bought them a different brand. They're scarfing that one down.

I'll just need to pick up some more food for Hollis this week like bananas and blueberries and such. So far, the $200 a week thing has been working well.

Wish me luck.

Mon: Something rock hard, cold, and boxed
Tues: What catches my eye
Weds: Whatever rhymes with "lichen"
Thurs: The one with the cherry dessert
Fri: Hopefully Phô on the 'rents
Sat: More rock hard, cold shit
Sun: Hopefully crap that I'm happy to be eating


  1. LOL! Oh my goodness, you're funny! I too am a failure in the kitchen.

  2. I think I could probably post up a similar meal plan this week:

    Mon - sushi that I hope I recognize, but probably won't

    Tues - something probably uncooked that hopefully lived in the sea and isn't full of neurotoxins

    Wed - whatever our host/guide orders me, since I can't read a damn thing over here

    Thurs - something beefy and charbroiled within an inch of, well, medium-rare.

    Fri - random street vendor night

    Sat - thin, mild soup and a Pepto-Immodium cocktail

    Sun - airplane food