Meme, meme, meme

I just found a meme I hadn't seen before and I think it's fitting since I've been thinking a lot lately about the past year (I started blogging in April of '08).

15 years ago today, I would have been:
  • 18, a freshman in college at Solano Community College, living at home
  • Sick with mono and forced to quit the swim team
  • Dating a 24 yo man who didn't believe I was a virgin (and I never proved it to him!)
10 years ago today, I would have been:
  • Graduated from UT with a practically useless liberal arts degree in Cultural Anthropology
  • Working at a telecom company doing work I hated
  • Living in an awesome duplex with my wonderful dog and a crazy-ass roommate
  • Breaking up with a boy 4 years my junior only to start dating a new guy 3 years my senior within 24 hours
  • Partying like a rock star, living hard and fast, struggling to pay my bills, yet still landing on my feet
5 year ago today I would have been:
  • Back at work at that crappy telecom company after an 18 month hiatus (read: layoff)
  • Seriously contemplating moving in with Anthony because we lurv each other
  • Living a block away from the greenbelt, running frequently with Levi
  • Estranged from my dad, for good
1 year ago today I would have been:
  • Utterly sleep deprived, breastfeeding, struggling with the whole SAHM thing
  • Looking for an outlet for all my angst
  • Hauling my mom around everywhere with me because I was desperate for adult interaction
  • Working things out with Anthony re: new responsibilities, expectations, demands, etc., and really finding our footing in our marriage like never before
  • Dumbfounded by the depth of feeling I could experience for a tiny human
This year I am:
  • Happier than I've ever been
  • Madly and completely in love with Anthony
  • Thrilled to be a mom and the puppet-master of our lives
  • Resolved to become healthier
Today I:
  • Worked out for 45 minutes
  • Ran an errand born out of love
  • Swung by Anthony's office to have lunch with him and let Hollis play in the Apple office fountains
  • Cooked breakfast, made lunch, cleaned... the usual fare

Next year I hope:
  • To be solidly healthy and have found the root cause of my eczema
  • To have another baby
  • To leave Texas
  • To be 100% debt free (well, except for school loans and house)
In five years I hope:
(Eesh, this one's really hard - I can only think out about two years...)
  • To be living near my sister AND mother
  • To be close to moving into my "forever home"
  • I am even half as happy as I am today
  • That art is a part of my daily life

There you have it! What about you guys?

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  1. I love your answers! I was hauling my mom everywhere with me, too, when I first had a baby. Actually I still pretty much do that now, since my bestest friends with babies live in Toronto - I'm 5 hours away from them!
    I loved reading this... thanks for playing! Your child is adorable.