Avalon Organics Ultimate Moisture Cream

I have oily, dry, acne-prone skin. I think dermatologists call this "sensitive." I have tried dozens of moisturizers and none of them really do what I want, which is to nourish my skin and NOT cause break outs.

I've tried everything from $75 serums to $8 lotions, all to no avail, until now.

I don't trust review websites for products because I think that some how, some way they're getting paid for their lip service. My review here is just because I want to share what I know with my frenz. I love finding out about new products from my girlfriends. I assume you're all the same.

So, imagine my surprise, when I randomly chose an organic, cruelty-free cream on sale at Whole Foods called Avalon Organics Ultimate Moisture Cream.

It's rockin' my world.

It wiped out some terrible flakiness I had going on in about 3 days and it hasn't made me break out. It's light, smooth, and is quickly absorbed. The lavender scent is "just so" and isn't over powering.

So if you're in the market for some face cream, give this stuff a try.

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