Cleaning with a Twist [Euro Sponge #10]

I'm always up for trying new, "green" products, so when I spotted these Twist cloths and sponge at Newflower Farmers Market today, I had to grab them.

The big cloth (which boasts that it does the work of 17 rolls of paper towels) was under $2. The sponges a buck-something, and the smaller cloth was also under $2. Ok, so I'm liking them already.

They're also 100% biodegradable and made from products safe for the home (i.e., no toxins, plastics, etc.)

I'll let you guys know if they're any good.

But, seriously. The marketing lingo on the back says, "Here's a twist. The package you're holding can be converted into a fiesty little bird feeder. Satisfy your crafty side and try a little hands-on recycling."

Say, wha-?? Do these things scream "bird feeder" to you??

Update: I've been using the big cloth for about a week now and I love it! I put it in the dishwasher (as per the packaging) when I thought it needed to be spruced up and it came out perfect! No fraying or flaking. My only concern is how do I know I've used it to the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towels? The loofah sponge is also rocking my world. Just as good as any industrial, synthetic sponge I've ever used. I'll keep updating if things change.

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  1. What a great review, I have searched high and low for something like this as my family goes through paper towels quickly, I will however check around for these, thanks!