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I've never really given a shit about Valentine's Day before, but now I sorta get it. In a world where people have a million little things going on at any given moment it's nice to have an official holiday, if you will, to stop and smell the roses (forgive me for the reference).

Everyone always says you have to put your relationship first, even before your kids, because the most precious gift you can give your children is a solid marriage to help sustain the family and I utterly subscribe to this. Being a martyr and Super Mom/Woman is not something I strive for. I strive first and foremost to be the best me I can be and second to be a stellar partner to Anthony. I've found that the mothering part comes second nature to me and since I'm happy as a human being and secure in my relationship the love and energy to parent is always on hand.

Valentine's Day has become a commemoration of this commitment.

You can poo-poo it all you want. Rant at it. Boycott it. Say horrible things about Hallmark. Whatthefuckever floats your angry little boat, but the truth of the matter is for those of us who need a night out to just be a couple, instead of everything else on our identity list, it's a sweet deal. Love is in the air. Thousands, maybe millions of people will be out tomorrow night thinking of nothing but each other. There will be sweaty palms, legs will be shaved, roses will be snatched up, gifts exchanged, kisses, too, beds made, baths drawn, muscles rubbed, parts paid attention to, tender words written.

Really... how can you hate this day?

I made dinner reservations at III Forks four weeks ago. Even then I only had two time slots to pick from: 6 or 8:30. I chose 8:30 and we plan to go an hour early and just chill at the bar and have a drink and make an evening of it. I don't remember the last time we did this - no wait, yes I do. It was for my birthday in September. If it weren't for V Day, I'd have to wait till September again, most likely. So, Thank You, Valentine's Day for giving me a good enough reason to spend an exorbitant amount of money on dinner and look at my dreamy husband in the candlelight.

I even bought a new dress and falsies.

Hey - this is BIG excitement in my world now. What can I say? It definitely deserves falsies.

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