Menu Plan: Week of February 16th

So, we have no money this week. I laugh at this because it's all I can do. I knew we wouldn't have a lot this week; I made the conscious decision re: Valentine's Day expenses. That's how I roll. Splurge here, pinch there. The pinch this week is in buying any new ingredients. I'll be using whatever I currently have and making it all up.

I'm such a great Homemaker.

Here's what I got:

Mon - Roast beef sandwiches with butterhead lettuce and swiss, chips
Tues - GF pasta with lemon cream sauce and sauteed spinach
Weds - Gingered carrot soup with macademia nuts
Thurs - Spring greens and spinach salad with golden raisins, toasted almond slivers, and egg in a balsamic, blueberry honey vinaigrette
Fri - E/O (PAY DAY!!)
Sat - Trout pouches with citrus and thyme, haricots verts, garlic whipped half-n-half potatoes (half sweet, half regular)
Sun - Saucy country-style oven-baked ribs, corn on the cob

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