Year in review - rearview

I know it's a couple of weeks late, but I really wanted to write about my 2008.

Here goes:

My baby turned 1.

I didn't earn $1 outside of the home - first time since I was 15.

I officially joined the underground society of SAHMs.

I breastfed.

I took Hollis to meet his four of his great-grandparents on 4 separate trips.

I traveled by plane with a 5 month old, 6 month old, 8 month old, 11 month old, 13 month old, and 14 month old, and I did it solo 4 of the 6 flights.

I started this blog.

I joined Facebook.

I was able to visit friends in SF and meet their babies.

I traveled to Phoenix, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Kansas City.

I said goodbye to Levi.

I witnessed Hollis blossom into a toddler.

I grew closer to Anthony.

I celebrated my 3rd year of marriage.

I lost weight.

I gained weight.

I started back to therapy - although half-heartedly.

I organized our finances.

I continued to say goodbye to my father.

I continued to work on being an adult daughter and sister.

I fell in love with Anthony all over again.

I busted my ass to keep my sanity - and was successful... I think.

I softened.

I developed a full-blown addiction to Perez Hilton (my dirtiest secret ever).

I researched thousands of toys, strollers, baby gadgets, and I still don't have a grasp on any of it.

I let go, while still holding on.

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  1. doesn't it feel wonderful to read it all in one go? i love this post!