You gotta love 'em

Due to my back going out on Friday, Anthony sweetly took over my
duties. He vacuumed, scrubbed the bathrooms, took care oh Hollis,
mopped, you name it and he did it. And all with a smile and a hug (I
swear this story is NOT made up).

He even postponed a business trip by a day so I could have one more
day to recoup.

He's been gone since Monday night, but I only just now noticed that
all the doggie things (brushes, shampoos, itch relief, heartgard, etc)
I'd pulled out from under the sink in the guest bath and had on the
counter are gone.

Well...almost everything.

I was chatting him when I noticed and I asked him where all the stuff
had gone.

"It's in a bag in the garage next to the crate."

"Oh, ok. But why did you leave the fish thing?

"Uh, 'fish thing'?" he asks.

"Yeah - the little fish scape."

"Oh, I thought that was part of the decoration," he laughs.

Then, with what I can see as the triumph of proof that he really isn't
a slob when it comes to keeping the house tidy, he exclaims,
"See,stuff just fades into the background!"

1 comment:

  1. I totally had to look hard at that picture to see the thingy and nearly fell out of my chair when I spotted it.

    It's true about stuff. He's wise, that one.