Wind in his hair

All the weather guys have been excited this week because it's been unseasonably warm (mid 70s) but a cold front was expected to come in today and drop temperatures by 20 degrees. I've lived in Texas long enough to expect this kind of thing (unheard of in California) and when a cold front barrels down like this you can be sure to experience some serious winds. Just like this afternoon.

I was out running errands with Hollis, buying groceries, actually, and when I came out the winds had started. His hair has recently gotten pretty long - yeah, it's basically a baby mullet - and when the gusts hit his hair it flipped his blond locks up like a cheap toupee.

He squealed and laughed at the sensation of his hair being tossed and twisted about, and the puffs on his face. It was like watching him ride a roller coaster: arms in the air, hands on his head, laughing with sunshine from his heart.

This little boy is my sun and my moon and my stars. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed the feel of the wind in my hair.


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