I swear the Universe has a way of conspiring against you (or with you, as the case may be). The Universe always keeps things in balance. If you walk out of Target with sunglasses without paying for them because they were hidden from your view (and your memory), then you will forget a purchase later on, or not get the drink you ordered, or whatever. You will end up paying for them one way or another.

It's more than just karma, too. It's being a member of a spiritual society where everyone's accountable one way or another and everyone helps each other out, even if they're not aware of it.

What stirred all this up? You'll laugh.

Yesterday's Oprah show. Yep. She was talking about personal makeovers and an author was on to talk about her book, and, apparently, she's also been working with Oprah. Her name is Kathy Freston and she's all about "conscious eating." Not just the "know what's going in your mouth, slow down and enjoy it" kind of conscious eating, but knowing where the food you're putting in your mouth came from.

At least, I see this as having the desire to do my elimination diet, consume sustainable things, support humane treatment of animals, etc. If I could snap my fingers and make my life exactly as I wanted it to be I would have a little farm where I would raise animals and my fruits and vegetables. I would honor the animals and lovingly care for them. The same goes for the other foods. I would buy materials from friends who made things like textiles, building materials, etc. - Have I mentioned how in love I've always been with the 1800's?? - Of course, I'd want the perks of modern day science and innovation and medicines, but I would figure out a way to blend it all together.

So, yet another mainstream outlet is focusing on health and cleansing and consciousness. Tap, tap, tap!! Hello!!! Jessica, are you in there??

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